Job Market Quarterly Reports


1 Q 2015

Our industry was in upheaval as it waited to see where the price of oil would settle. Hiring slowed as companies took a wait and see approach. Hiring picked up slowly through the quarter and we expect a much better second quarter.

Jobs Filled:

Corporate Fixed Equipment SME — Petrochem/Refining — Houston, TX
Engineering and Maint Supt — Chemicals — West Texas


The biggest trend in 2014 was the incoming calls from Oil/Gas companies that wanted to hire our engineers from Chemicals and Refining and move them into the Oil/Gas Sector. We had tremendous success with this migration of talent into the midstream section of the Oil/Gas industry until late in the year when it began to taper off. As we transitioned into 2015 our petrochemical and polymers client picked up the hiring slack.

1 Q 2014

Corporate Fixed Equipment SME — Houston — Major Petrochemical Company
Corporate Rotating SME — Houston — Mid size oil/gas company
Mechanical Reliability Eng — Houston — Small Chemical Plant
Corporate Mech Integ SME — Houston — Mid size oil/gas company

2 Q 2014

Reliability/Project Engineer — Bakken ND — Oil/Gas
Reliability Engineer — WA — Refinery
Reliability/Project Eng — OK — Oil/Gas
Reliability Engineer — Houston — Polymer Chemical Plant
Reliability I and E Engineer — Houston — Oil/Gas
Reliability/Project Eng — OK — Oil/Gas
Reliability/Fixed Eng — Bakken, ND — Oil/Gas

3 Q 2014

Reliability Engineer — Baton Rouge area — Chemicals
Reliability Engineer — Eagle Ford Area — Oil/Gas
Pipeline Integrity Eng — Eagle Ford Area — Oil/Gas

4 Q 2014

Reliability Eng — Houston — Chemicals
I and E Reliability Eng — Houston — Petrochem
Rotating Equip Grp Ldr — Houston — Refining


11/08/2013: The market has been very strong this year. The lower cost of natural gas has triggered a wave of expansions and planned expansions across the Gulf Coast. They market is as good as I have seen it in my 22 years as a recruiter. There is strong demand for rotating equipment engineers and high level reliability engineers and we expect this to continue into next year. We have several global reliability roles and SME roles in central engineering of major companies for Fixed Equipment and Rotating Equipment Engineers.

Hot Jobs:

Global Reliability Engineers for Major Refinery on the West Coast and Gulf Coast to 150k plus bonus
Machinery SME for Large International Petrochemical Company in Houston to 150’s plus bonus
Machinery Team Leaders for Large Refining and Petrochemical Producer in Houston
Fixed Equipment Engineers for Refinery in Beaumont/Port Arthur

Job filled 1st Quarter—2013

ME Reliability Engineer—Freeport, TX
Maintenance Manager—Oil/Gas—Midland, TX
Reliability Consultant—Oil/Gas—West Houston, TX area
Maintenance Manager—Chemical—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Petrochemical—Chicago, IL
I&E Reliability Engineer—San Antonio, TX
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Port Arthur, TX
Corporate Electrical Engineer/Reliability Engineer—The Woodlands, TX
I and E Reliability Engineer—Petrochemical Company—Houston, TX
I and E Reliability Engineer—Texas City, TX

Jobs Filled 2nd Quarter—2013

Reliability Engineer—Petrochemical—Houston, TX
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Petrochemical—New Orleans, LA
Sr. Reliability Engineer Consultant—Petrochemical—Houston, TX
Maintenance Engineer—Petrochemical—South Georgia
Corporate Reliability Engineer—Dallas, TX
Reliability Engineer—Detroit, MI
I&E Reliability Engineer—New Orleans, LA
Reliability Manager—Pascagoula, MS

Jobs Filled 3rd Quarter—2013

Maintenance Manager—Chemical—Charleston, SC
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Oil/Gas—Denver, CO
Regional Rotating Equipment Engineer—Deer Park, TX
Maintenance Engineer—Houston
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Houston, TX
I and E Reliability/Maintenance Engineer—Texas City, TX

Jobs Filled 4th Quarter—2013

Reliability Engineer in Baton Rouge/New Orleans for a major refinery
Maintenance Manager for Chemical Company in Beaumont/Port Arthur
Electrical Engineer for a Chemical Company in Beaumont/Port Arthur
Reliability Engineer—Freeport, TX


Chemicals, Refining and Oil/Gas all are hiring for a variety of reliability engineering positions. We have a variety of roles open at all levels of experience. One of our best clients, a major refining/oil/gas operation has asked us to proactively send them “reliability engineering talent” that they can integrate into their organization. They want to try and create openings for talented engineers. Even though much of the emphasis within the industry is expansion oriented, there is still a strong focus on reliability programs. As of December 6th, we remain busy with new job openings and expect this to carry over into the new year!

4th Quarter 2012—Jobs Filled

Sr Reliability Engineer—Oil/Gas—West Texas
Maintenance Engineer—Chemical—Houston
I and E Reliability—Refining—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Chemicals—North Alabama
Metallurgist—Refining—New Orleans
Sr Plant Engineer—Oil/Gas—Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX
I&E Maintenance Engineer—Chemicals—Baton Rouge, LA

3rd Quarter 2012—Jobs Filled

Sr Reliability Engineer—Refinery—Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX
Reliability Consultant—Oil/Gas—West Houston, TX area
Reliability Consultant—Oil/Gas—West Houston, TX area
I&E Reliability Engineer—Chemicals—Houston, TX
Maintenance Superintendent—Chemicals—Houston, TX
Regional Reliability Engineer—Oil/Gas—Chicago

2nd Quarter 2012—Job Market Report

The Gulf Coast market remains strong with additional job opportunities beginning to open up in the southeast US chemical industry. Expansion plans continue to be discussed across the Gulf Coast based on the economic impact of the shale gas. Our chemical and refining clients have multiple job openings across TX and LA for all types of reliability and maintenance engineers. Instrument and Electrical reliability engineers are in great demand in the industry. Our oil/gas client in West Houston continues to expand and has won several new contracts in Alaska and Australia. They are seeking reliability engineers who can work out of the Houston office for two years and then follow the projects to Australia for start up and run/maintain support. The run/maintain stage of the work will most likely offer a 28 day off/on schedule. This oil/gas clients likes to hire engineers from the chemicals and refining sectors.

2nd Quarter 2012—Jobs Filled

Maintenance Engineer—Refining—Baton Rouge/New Orleans, LA
Sr Reliability Engineer—Chemicals—North Alabama
Fixed Equip Engineer—Refining—Houston, TX
Rotating Equipment—Refining—Houston, TX
Rotating Equipment—Refining—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Chemicals—Cincinnati, OH
Rotating Equipment Project Engineer—Gas Processing —Corpus Christi, TX

1st Quarter 2012—Jobs Filled

Reliability Engineer—Chemicals—Houston, TX
Reliability Team Lead—Chemicals—Houston, TX
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Refining—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Oil/Gas—West Houston, TX area
Sr Reliability Engineer—Oil/Gas—West Houston, TX area
Sr Reliability Engineer—Refining—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Refining—Northeast US
I and E Reliability—(2 positions)—Oil/Gas—West Houston, TX area
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Refining—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Chemicals—Baton Rouge, LA
Mechanical Integrity Engineer—Chemicals—Houston, TX


4th Quarter 2011—Job Market Report

The market continued to improve the 4th Quarter and looks to have good momentum carrying into the new year. Our clients in Chemicals, Refining and Oil/Gas all seem positive about the future business outlook. Refineries on the east coast continue to struggle and layoff. The East Coast job market may suffer for a while as a result. The Midwest and Gulf Coast refineries seem to be doing much better. The West Coast Refining market is holding its own but has not been as active as Midwest/Gulf Coast. The stringent fuel formulations of the west coast seem to be protecting that market from imports that are damaging the east coast refinery economics.

4th Quarter 2011—Jobs Filled

Sr Reliability Engineer—Refinery—Port Arthur/Beaumont, TX area
Maintenance/Reliability Superintendent—Chemicals—Houston
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Oil/Gas—West Houston, TX area
Sr Reliability Engineer—Oil/Gas—West Houston, TX area
Fixed Equipment Engineer—Chemicals—Houston

3rd Quarter 2011—Job Market Report

Refining companies experienced better margins and began to hire again. One of our favorite clients, Shell/Motiva came back on line for hiring, so we were glad to have them back as an active client. Our only consulting firm client also began to experience growth due to their excellent reputation worldwide in the Oil/Gas sector and they kept us busy as well. They expect to give us several additional searches in the next year due to sustained growth expectations as their reputation continues to bring requests for additional business. The reliability and maintenance market remains active and good candidates are difficult to find. Overall, it was a very strong quarter as refining and oil and gas clients gave us additional business.

3rd Quarter 2011—Jobs Filled

Rotating Equipment—Chemicals—Houston, TX
Reliability Consultant—Oil and Gas—West Houston, TX area
Maintienance Suptintendent—Chemicals—Houston, TX
Reliability Consultant—Oil and Gas—West Houston, TX area
Maintenance Manager—Chemicals—Freeport, TX
Reliability Eng—Chemicals—Houston, TX
Reliability Consultant—Oil and Gas—Houston, TX
Rotating Equipment—Chemicals—Baton Rouge, LA
Maintenance Manager—Refining—New Orleans, LA

2nd Quarter 2011—Job Market Report

The jobs market has rebounded well since mid 2010. Thanks to an improving economy and the abundance of gas being produced from the Shale formations. The shale gas effect has rejuvenated the US Chemical Industry and expert opinion is that we are now back to the number 2 low cost producer status in the world second only to the Middle East. It looks like this effect will continue through 2015 according to these same sources. The improved economics of the industry has led to additional hiring and it looks like the improved job market for engineers is here to stay for a while. We are seeking Fixed Equipment Engineers who are willing to travel to provide to specific technical support for multiple chemical plants sites especially in the area of FFS, RBI and Mechanical Integrity and we also have roles asking for CFD and FEA experience. We have seen several maintenance superintendent roles open this year is well and we are currently seeking a Reliability Engineering Group leader for a highly profitable chemical plant in Houston. Overall, it is a great time to be a Reliability Engineer recruiter or a Reliability Engineer in the chemical and refining industry!

2nd Quarter 2011—Jobs Filled

Rotating Equipment Engineer—Chemical—Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX area
Corporate Reliability Engineer—Chemical— North Houston, TX area
Maintenance Superintendent—Chemical—Houston, TX
Electrical Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Chemicals— Houston,TX
Maintenance Engineer—Chemicals—Houston,TX
Fixed Equipment Engineer—Chemical—Houston,TX

1st Quarter 2011—Job Market Report

The overall job market is excellent. Companies that had not hired much in a few years have come back into recruiting mode. One of our biggest clients, Shell/Motiva, started hiring again across all business sectors. Almost all of our clients have switched into active recruiting mode and have been seeking our assistance in filling a wide range of positions. The shale gas effect has given the industry increased confidence over the long term and this has resulted in new positions being created and plant expansion discussions.

1st Quarter 2011—Jobs Filled

Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX
Electrical Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX
Fixed Equipment Inspector—Chemical Company Central Engineering offices—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Corpus Christi, TX
Electrical Power Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Chemical Company Central Office—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Baton Rouge, LA
Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Baton Rouge , LA


4th Quarter 2010 — Jobs Filled

Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Refinery— New Jersey
Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX
Rotating Equip Engineer—Refinery—San Francisco, CA
Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Refinery—New Jersey
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Refinery—Louisiana

3rd Quarter 2010—Jobs Filled

Rotating Equipment Design Engineer—Chemical—Philadelphia, PA
Fixed Equipment Engineer—Refinery—Louisiana
Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Chicago, IL
Reliability Engineer—Refinery—Louisiana
Reliability Engineer—Illinois
Reliability Manager—Alabama

2nd Quarter 2010—Job Market Report

The job market in the second quarter continued with the upswing that started in March. The most in demand skill set was rotating equipment engineers. Chemical plants begin to hire more as Oil Refineries began to slow hiring. Many good engineers were laid off in 2009 and began to be absorbed back into the market in the second quarter. The outlook for chemical companies looks solid and more companies are beginning to emphasize reliability programs in lieu of expansion and capital expenditures as a way to improve business during the recovery. One of our clients has seen the reliability program pay dividends as one of their competitors struggled with reliability in a key raw material process. Our client will possibly even be adding two additional reliability engineers to the staff to continue to improve their program. Rotating Equipment and Mechanical Integrity seems to be key focal points for technical skills.

2nd Quarter 2010— Jobs Filled

Reliability Engineer—Mobile, AL
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Houston, TX
Rotating Equipment Engineer—Kansas
Rotating Equipment Engineer – Chemical—Houston, TX
Rotating Equipment Engineer – Gas Processing Company Corporate Headquarters—Houston, TX

1st Quarter 2010—Job Market Report

The first quarter started out slow and picked up steam once March rolled along. There are more jobs this year than last year, but there are also more engineers on the market. In short, the market is extremely competitive. Our clients with job openings are being extremely selective in who they interview. Another factor that has made these market conditions difficult is the lack of urgency on the part of hiring companies. The market seems flooded with talent, but in reality the talent is still hard to find. The companies that procrastinate on making job offers are losing the best candidates as they take other offers. If you are a good reliability engineer with several years of chemical/refining industry experience and are willing to consider any geographic location in the US you should receive multiple interviews. In January and February, Mechanical Integrity was the hottest skill. Now, machinery/rotating equipment jobs are hot as well. In the last two weeks we have had many previous clients call us with new opportunities.

1st Quarter 2010— Jobs Filled

Turnaround Manager—Rocky Mountains
Machinery Engineer—Refinery—Houston, TX
Sr. Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX


4th Quarter 2009—Job Market Report

The Houston market improved and several Reliability Engineers received job offers. Overall, Houston salary offers are down almost 10% from the last two years. The market remains tight and we expect 2010 to be to be better than 2009 but still slow in terms of actual hiring. Hiring in manufacturing sector generally lags the overall economy by 6 – 9 months. We are seeing refineries close down and additional layoffs that indicate poor market conditions for that segment. We are making adjustments to find new clients and sources of business. We are encouraged that some of our established clients are telling us they plan to hire new reliability engineers in the coming year.

4th Quarter 2009—Jobs Filled

Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Rocky Mountains
Maintenance Superintendent—Rocky Mountains

3rd Quarter 2009—Job Market Report

Although additional job openings became available to us in the 3rd Quarter and we had several interviews, we did not fill any positions. Many companies held off on hiring decisions or wanted to see additional candidates. The market conditions remained very challenging as companies remained extremely selective and opted to leave jobs open much longer.

3rd Quarter 2009—Jobs Filled

No jobs filled

2nd Quarter 2009—Market Report

We have been actively working a respectable number of reliability engineering jobs through the second quarter and have set up many phone interviews. However, our clients remain very select and are moving forward at a slow pace in evaluating candidates. We expect the 3 Q to reflect better results as the job market began to pick up towards the end of the second quarter. We have several current needs for fixed equipment and machinery engineers across the US.

2nd Quarter 2009—Jobs Filled

Machinery Engineer—Chemical—Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX area
I and E Reliability Engineer—Houston

1st Quarter 2009— Job Market Report

The first quarter of 2009 felt the impact of the financial sector meltdown. Many companies stopped hiring all together and started cutting staff. We focused our recruiting efforts on niche skill positions which companies still needed despite the slower economy. As companies tightened up their job specifications, we were also challenged to find exact matches for our client’s needs. Although the market is much slower than last year (we are running about 25 % of last year’s job volume), we have maintained a solid book of business and continue to have job openings for machinery engineers, reliability engineers, fixed equipment engineers and inspectors. We are usually able to present multiple job openings to engineers who meet our profile and who are willing to be flexible on their geographic location.

1st Quarter 2009—Jobs Filled

Machinery Engineer—Refinery—Louisiana
Machinery Engineer—Refinery—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX


4th Quarter 2008—Job Market Report

The job market began to soften for all engineering disciplines in 4 Quarter. The impact of the credit market began to effect the hiring of engineers in both the chemical and refining industries. Despite these market changes, the reliability market held its own and we filled more positions than in the third quarter. Our clients still hired, but they were very selective in hiring specific talent matched to critical business needs.

4th Quarter 2008— Jobs Filled

Machinery Engineer—Refinery— Upper Midwest
Senior Reliability Consultant: Asset Management—Reliability Consulting Firm— Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Reliability Consulting Firm—Houston
Fixed Equipment/Corrosion Engineer—Refinery—West Texas
Manager of Business Development: Turn Around/Vessel Services—Chemical/Services Firm—Houston, TX

3rd Quarter 2008— Job Market Report

The job market began to slow over the summer but it still remains active. We experienced more demand for CHE’s in 3rd Quarter but are already seeing a switch back to Reliability job openings as is reflected by our 9 current interviews underway for a variety of reliability opportunities. The big news in 3rd Quarter was the Hurricane that hit Houston and the Economic Meltdown that hit the US economy in October. Both of these events have impacted hiring. The Hurricane effectively shut down hiring in certain geographic areas for the month of September. We had 8 interviews put on hold during the month of September due to the storm impact. The economic scene has created uncertainty in the market and a couple of companies have decided to delay any hiring until next year. How is the market outlook going into 4th Quarter? We remain very optimistic going into the 4th Quarter. Keep an eye on our website and you’ll stay informed! Also, see our new article on the website – Is it dangerous to change jobs in a slowing economy?

3rd Quarter 2008—Jobs Filled

Global Reliability Director—Chemical
Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX

2nd Quarter 2008—Job Market Report

The Mechanical and Reliability Engineering job market in chemicals and refining continues to be a strong market. There are a wide variety of openings across chemicals and refining from East Coast to West Coast in the United States. In the 2nd Quarter, we noticed a dramatic increase in the number of managerial positions that came open. We have several clients seeking ME’s with leadership experience that can direct and manage a maintenance or reliability program in a plant. We are also seeing a continued need for high level machinery engineers for major oil companies in Houston. The uncertainty in the economy does not seem to be adversely affecting the job market.

2nd Quarter 2008—Jobs Filled

Senior Machinery Engineer—Refinery—Houston,TX
Senior Machinery Engineer—Corporate Office—Houston, TX
Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Mississippi
Junior Reliability Engineer—Refinery—Houston, TX
Electrical Reliability Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX
Machinery Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX
Electrical Reliability Engineer—Refinery—Los Angeles, CA
Maintenance Superintendent—Refinery—Houston, TX

1st Quarter 2008— Job Market Report

Now that we are nearing the end of the first quarter, how do the results look? As I review the trends news update I wrote in February, the same market conditions are prevailing. Demand for reliability talent remains strong and we are seeking no sign of a slow down. Also, just this week we have received 5 new Fixed Equipment jobs in a major refinery in Texas and 2 new Reliability jobs in another expanding refinery in Texas. We will continue to stay busy with plant and corporate level positions in chemicals and refining.

1st Quarter 2008-Jobs Filled

Senior Machinery Engineers—(2 Positions)—Refining—San Francisco
Reliability Engineer—Refining—Los Angeles, CA
Senior Machinery Engineer—Chemical—Houston, TX
Machinery Engineer—Chemicals—Houston, TX
Reliability Manager—Chemicals—Houston, TX
Corrosion Engineer—Refining—New Orleans, LA

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