About Us

ReEngJobs is a division of Ambs Chemical Search LLC and is dedicated to the same standards of excellence and integrity. Ambs Chemical Search LLC has had a core expertise in reliability recruiting since 2003 and has developed ReEngJobs.com to further enhance our services to this sector of the chemical and refining industry.

On Spec

At Reliability-Engineering-Jobs.com, we are not a blind referral service. We match you with the right opportunities for your skills, experience, personal preferences, and your career goals. We save you time and effort by pursuing high probability matches that are on spec with your individual standards. Be sure to fill out an on line application and tell us your specs and let us know a good time to follow up with a personal phone call.

Job Environment

Positions are primarily located in chemical/refining plant environments with select positions located in a central office environment of a manufacturing company.

The chemical and refining industry continues to offer the most challenging reliability engineering opportunities and the best compensation packages. Reliability engineers are of strategic long-term importance to the US Chemical Industry as it prepares for increased global competition.

Confidential Materials Policy

The majority of the engineers we represent are currently employed and are conducting confidential job searches. If you fit this category be assured that your resume or personal information is never shared with a recruiter, client company, or any third party without your prior approval.

Why Professional Representation?

It saves time, effort, and frustration, and gets results. Representation by an experienced recruiter greatly increases your chances of interviewing success for several reasons:

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