Career Resources: Making the Most of the Job You Have

What do you do when you want to move but can't?

There is a simple method that can help you regain a positive and proactive focus when you feel trapped by circumstances.

This method has been aptly named the Twenty Idea method.

It works like this: Pose yourself a question such as:

How do I make the most of the job I have right now?

Then number 1 through 20 in a vertical column on a piece of paper.

Proceed to have a brain storming session to enumerate 20 ideas of ways that you could make your job better. Don't worry about how you will do this, focus only on what could be done. You can always figure out how later.

Be sure to come up with twenty ideas. This exercise will force you to be proactive in your thinking and positive in your outlook. Let me know if it helps you.

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