If I am the last one hired will I be the first fired? A slowing economy often produces fear and uncertainty that drives emotions to overshadow logic.

A slowing economy or down economy can actually be a good time to change jobs because it highlights roles that are critical to a company’s success. If you are approached by a recruiter regarding a job in a slow economy keep in mind that this particular job opening must be of high importance to the company. If they are willing to a pay a recruiting fee and hire in a slow market you can be assured that this position is not going to disappear. Critical jobs get filled during a slow-down, non-essential jobs are left open.

Companies that hire in an economic slow-down are often the more proactive and long range thinking companies that are in a better position to grow after the downturn. There are always risks in any decision. Even the decision to stay put in your current role has risk. Your company could experience setbacks and downsize.

Overall, if you are open to considering a move, don’t let a down market cause you to shut down your search. It might just highlight an excellent opportunity to make a real difference at a new company.

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